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Membership Dues

Due to the constant changing of the guards/officers for clubs, we thought it was good idea to provide you with some general information regarding payments to either the AAF and/or District 2 as we’re sure it can be confusing. Please do not confuse any document or invoice you receive from AAF with District 2.

  • AAF, or the American Advertising Federation, is the national organization.
  • District 2 is your regional group your club belongs to.

District 2 Dues

[box color=”red” align=”left”]For the last 7 years, District 2 has waived club dues but we will be reinstating them again this year.[/box]

District 2 dues are invoiced at $2 per member of your local club, and we have not increased this rate for 10 years.
(Invoices are sent sometime in July/August.)

AAF Dues

All local clubs are invoiced by AAF at $30 per member. So if you have 100 members, you’re invoiced $300.00.
(Invoices are sent sometime in January.)

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