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District Two Summer 2012 Newsletter

The National Conference seems like a lifetime ago, but it was a very successful one for District Two. Ten of our Clubs were represented at the conference, as were two of our NSAC schools. District Two agencies took home 9 gold ADDY’s, 29 silvers and 6 Student Awards. The DC Ad Club won six (count ‘em – SIX!) Club Achievement Awards. Ad2 DC won four. Rochester and Greater Frederick won one each. A tremendous showing by District Two. Congratulations to all!

WINNERS 2011 Newsletter

Spring is always a time for new growth, and District Two is no exception. It is exciting to announce that a new club has joined us. The Albany Ad Club of New York is now a member of AAF. To read more, look for the Welcome Albany profile at the end of this newsletter.

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Although we have had lots of email communication this last few months, we have not produced a newsletter since late last year. It has been very remiss of us to go so long without this important communication. Now it is not only a New Year, but you also have a new Governor.