Ad 2 DC earns the top spot at 2016 ADMERICA

Congratulations to the team of the AD 2 DC by representing AAF District 2 and earning first place in the 2016 Ad 2 Public Service Advertising Competition this morning held in Disneyland at the annual AAF ADMERICA Conference.

IMG_5710This is the 7th time Ad 2 DC participated in the competition and the groups first win. Their 2016 client was Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) and the team provided a spark for their client to deliver on their mission to raise awareness and enrollment in the arts classes CHAW provides. “Do you remember how confident you felt, playing your instrument at your school concert for the first time?”, “Or the feel of clay caked between your fingers crafting your first clay pot?” These are the questions the team from the Ad 2 DC posed as they presented their campaign, and it was a perfect set-up to hook you into their campaign.

The team from Ad 2 DC nailed a strategically sound campaign for CHAW, tied to real results. Public Service Co-Chair’s Jacqui Balogh and Katie Dirks presented the campaign, and Co-Chair Kate Sobel ran the digital presentation to a panel of judges and their poise, presentation style and command of the room was awe-inspiring.

For more than 40 years, local Ad 2 chapters have produced comprehensive public service advertising and marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations in their communities. The Ad 2 commitment to public service is one of the qualities that set Ad 2 apart from other advertising-related organizations. Each year local chapters select a client, research the clientʼs needs and author a complete marketing plan. Then, based upon that information Ad 2 members create television, radio, print, outdoor and interactive advertising elements. Some campaigns also include logo design, production of collateral materials and public relations initiatives.

IMG_5706This is all on their own. They do this because they are passionate about the industry and understand that giving back is a necessary component to a thriving community.

Let me stress, these campaigns are not schoolwork. They are not theoretical. They are real, and they make a real difference in local communities. Scores of non-profit organizations point to the assistance they received from a local Ad 2 chapter as the key to their development and success.

As a result of their first place win, the Ad 2 DC club receives an $800 award from the G.D. Crain Foundation and had the opportunity to present their campaign to all attendees at the 2016 ADMERICA AAF National Conference. Nice job ladies! We can’t wait to see what cause you select for 2017. Whichever non-profit you do choose is not only going he best and brightest minds of the DC area to be the stewards of their brand, but they’re also now getting an award winning team eager to repeat.

We think you just sparked a long line of suitors.

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