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Rebecca Nadilo Headshot

Rebecca Nadilo, BBDO’s Co-Head of Digital Strategy, hails from Perth Western Australia but is an honorary New Yorker having worked at BBDO for over two years. She started at BBDO leading the Digital Strategy on AT&T, working on the infamous “It’s Not Complicated” campaign and most recently, winning a Silver Lion at Cannes for AT&T’s Texting While Driving campaign, a project that epitomizes why she works in advertising.

Currently, Rebecca leads Digital Strategy for Johnson’s Baby and recently Wells Fargo and CVS after winning their business earlier in the year, as well as overseeing the 12 digital strategists on the team.

She describes herself as a hybrid planner – having started as a brand planner who shifted into UX and digital strategy in an attempt to improve the overall quality of creative in the digital space and help brands harness the power of it.

She strongly believes in the mantra – build for and with people, not at people – and will always ask why five times.

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