Chip Walker

Chip Walker Headshot

Chip Walker is a brand, business and cultural strategist who has spent his career at some of Madison Avenue’s legendary agencies. He has led the strategy function at brand agencies (BBDO, Y&R), a marketing services agency (Wunderman) and at a digital/social agency (StrawberryFrog), giving him a truly multi-disciplinary perspective. He’s also lead strategy across the WPP companies (ad, media, digital, multi-cultural, etc.) for some of its largest clients including AT&T and Bank of America.

As a writer and speaker, Chip creates content on a wide range of cultural topics – a few of which include:

  • Global Youth Culture: Based on research he’s done over the years with 25,000+ young people in 45 countries, Chip has authored several studies and reports on global youth– notably The New World Youth Study and GenWorld. He has served as a Millennial expert for several global marketers including Heineken, Proctor & Gamble, and Jim Beam.
  • Boomers: Leveraging research in 30 countries and in-depth analysis of Boomers in USA, Chip has been writing and speaking about “Midlife” since the early 2000s. He created a Boomer Center of Excellence for Pepsico as well as a new Boomer brand (True North) for Frito-Lay. His talks on Boomers and Midlife include “Rebranding Aging” and “The Middle Frontier.”
  • The Consumer Unconscious: Most recently Chip has been writing and speaking about the hidden world of the consumer unconscious, where the majority of consumer decision making occurs. Using neuro-science research in China, Brazil and the USA, Chip’s most recent content stream is called “Secrets and Lies: The Hidden World of the New Consumer.”

Chip has been keynote speaker for organizations ranging from the Institute for International Research to The Conference Board, as well as large corporate meetings such as Nike and Pepsico. Chip’s writing has appeared Ad Week, Brand Week, MediaPost, American Demographics, Forbes and AdMap. He lives in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood.